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Frequently Asked Questions for LDT


How do I register LDT?

LDT is very easy to register, simply purchase a license from us on our order page, and you will receive a license code. To enter your license information, simply boot the LDT disk and select Enter license. LDT stores the license on the disk so you will not need to enter it again. If you are not prompted to enter a license when LDT starts, this could be because LDT is unable to write to the disk. This can happen if the disk you are using is write protected, or if the LDT disk has been burned onto a CD-ROM. To correct this, make sure LDT is running on a disk that it can write to.

Can I boot LDT from CD-ROM?

Yes, but you must create a LDT disk first. Once the LDT disk is created, boot it, and enter your license. Once your license is entered, you can easily make a bootable CD-ROM from it using most CD burning software.

What type of mice does it support?

It supports only PS/2 style mice. If your BIOS has PS/2 emulation for USB mice, your USB mouse may also work. It is unlikely that serial, non BIOS emulated USB, and other mice will work. In the event that you are using an unsupported mouse, all functions can be controlled by the keyboard.

Does it support BIOS disk translation software?

No, it does not. This is software like the OnTrack Disk Manager (and there are others) that installs itself in the MBR and loads code to access a larger drive than the BIOS is capable of. The problem with BIOS disk translation software is that it creates an incompatible environment for these reasons. (1) It remaps the drive so that the sectors are not in the correct places, LBA 0 is NOT LBA 0 on a drive with this software installed. (2) Booting any other way but from the hard drive results in not loading the disk translation software, which results in corrupted access to the drive. (3) It is prone to problems in which is becomes corrupted and the users entire drive becomes inaccessble. (4) It is NOT a compatible way to fix the issue, a newer BIOS is proper way to solve the issue.

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