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Partition Boot Manager (PBM)


Click to Zoom ImageSupports up to 256 operating systems on a single hard drive.

Allows a single computer to be used by more than one person.  Each person can have their own operating system, which will not be corrupted by another person.  Now instead of the whole PC needing to be reinstalled when someone installed one game too many and crashed it, just the operating system used for games needs to be reinstalled.  This can save hundreds of hours of work or valuable data.  Login security enforces privacy because each person's favorites and internet history are completely separated.

Allows flexibility to run more applications.  One program might run under Windows 98; another under Windows 2000.  With PBM, you can choose as many operating systems as you need.  Now instead of having to have multiple computers, one computer with multiple operating systems can do it all!

Allows for software and system testing.  Does this program work under Windows ME?  How does my webpage look on a Linux machine?  Would Windows XP run slower or faster for my system?  It would take an entire lab of computers to accomplish all the testing one PC with PBM and multiple operating systems can do.  PBM is much superior than operating system emulators because the actual operating system is running.

Designed to be the best without the faults and limitations of other boot managers.  Changes to partitions can be made within PBM or externally due to its two way partition maintenance.  Disk utilities such as Partition Magic, Drive Image, and Ghost and 100% compatible.  PBM is 100% compatible with all operating systems and file systems that conforms to the traditional partition table.

PBM is available for a free 30 day trial, Go to Download now.

Read more about each feature in detail:  Intelligent Setup Program | Security | Startup Flexibility | Zero Maintenance and Stability | Partition Management | Custom Operating System Environment | User Interface | Operating System Installation Instructions

Intelligent Setup Program

Click to Zoom ImagePBM offers an intelligent setup program that can install, backup, restore, initialize, uninstall, and handle registration tasks.

If you are installing PBM on a system that already has an operating system installed, PBM can move your partitions to prepare for PBM installation if your drive has at least 1 cylinder of free space available.

If uninstalling, PBM allows the user to retain up to 4 partitions (the maximum that will fit in the traditional partition table).

Startup Flexibility
Click to Zoom ImagePBM can be configured to startup and wait for a user selection, or timeout and boot the last or a specific partition.  At the other end of the spectrum, PBM can also be configured to be absolutely silent so the user is complete unaware that PBM is running.

The timeout and default partition settings can be set individually for each user.

Partition Management
Click to Zoom ImagePartitions Menu allows management of the installed operating systems.

New partitions can be created via 2 methods, partitions can be modified, boot sectors can be analyzed or updated, partitions can be deleted, and partitions can be securely erased.

A graph bar displays the location and size of the partitions as you select them along with the current free space on the drive.

The order the partitions appear in the main menu can be customized, unless sorted is preferred.

Click to Zoom ImageYou can easily create a duplicate of an operating system by using the built-in copy feature. 

This is quite a useful tool when testing something in an operating system, but not desiring to keep the tested operating system.  When the testing is finished, just delete the copied operating system.

Click to Zoom ImagePartition creation is very precise.

PBM prompts for how large the new partition will be and where exactly on the drive it should be placed.

Click to Zoom ImageEnforced login security can be utilized when a secure environment is required.

Up to 32 users can be added each with their own security profile and startup settings.

If security is not necessary, PBM can be set to automatically login as the last user to eliminate the login dialog.

Click to Zoom ImageUsers will only be able to access the operating systems they have been granted access to.

Once they are logged in, only the checked operating systems will appear in their boot menu.

Custom Operating System Environment

Click to Zoom ImageEach partition also has a properties page where its startup environment is completely configurable.

The name, partition type, speed letter (a letter you can press at the main menu to boot the operating system instantly), boot type, partition order, partition protection options, unprotected warning option, CHS type, and any other partitions you want to be visible while in this particular operating system can be specified.

PBM was designed for the highest level of operating system compatibility possible when using a boot manager, all of these options can create any possible environment necessary for proper booting of an operating system.

User Interface

Click to Zoom ImageThe user interface is a menu and dialog driven interface that is easy to use.

Full mouse support is included.

Zero Maintenance and Stability

PBM is designed for zero maintenance and to be rock solid.  All of its data structures are encrypted and stored twice on disk.  If anything is wrong with a structure, the problem will automatically be detected and corrected without user intervention in less than a second.

Operating System Installation Instructions

The PBM manual contains operating system installation instructions for many operating systems.  Users can follow these instructions install operating systems easily and compatibly.

PBM Installation Notes for Redhat Linux 9

PBM Installation Notes for Linspire 4.5

PBM Installation Notes for Linspire 5.0

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