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Release Notes for LDT


1.12 Minor fixes, maintenance release, it is not necessary to update unless you prefer to.

1.11 Added run copy sectors scriping feature.  See main menu Help, Run Copy Sector Script for information on how to use this feature.

1.10 Minor fixes, maintenance release, it is not necessary to update unless you prefer to.

1.09 Ability to fix the start lba offset in a boot sector to help partitions boot properly.

Added warning not to update boot sectors for protection partitions.

Code for bootable CD-ROM tweaked for wider system support.

Problem with BIOS's on some specific machines freezing up during boot has now been fixed.


Evaluation version now allows scan all drives for media defects (burn in) to run, but it only scans the first 10% of each drive.

LDT’s loader has now been improved and will operate properly even in high capacity floppy drives such as 2.88mb or LS-120.

Disk Builder has been improved to automatically format the disk if necessary.

Users are no longer prompted to check for an extra cylinder.

1.07m Improvements have been made to the LDT code loader.

Registration has been moved from the disk builder into LDT itself; Users will no longer need to keep entering their registration information in each time they upgrade LDT

A disk image file is also now available in the LDT download options.

1.07k The way the extra disk cylinder is checked has changed to a prompt to make the software more compatible with all systems.

1.07i An issue when using some CMD Technology controllers has now been corrected.

1.07h Copy sectors feature added.

Some user inteface bugs corrected.

Warning about partition tables that are missing the 55aa signature.

An issue when using some Promise ATA100 controllers has now been corrected.

More help added.

1.07g A bug in the mouse driver has been fixed.

1.07f Search Feature Added!!!  Supports searching for an ASCII string or HEX string with these options:  On/Off Ignore Case Sensitivity, On/Off Enable Unicode Search, and/or On/Off Enable XOR Search.

An issue when using HighPoint HPT370 UDMA/ATA100 RAID Controller has been corrected.

Add a revision list to the website for LDT.

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