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Release Notes for PBM


1.08 Minor fixes, maintenance release, it is not necessary to update unless you prefer to.

1.07 Support for Linspire 5 officially added, minor fixes, maintenance release, it is not necessary to update unless you prefer to.

1.06 Minor fixes, maintenance release, it is not necessary to update unless you prefer to.

1.05 Fixed a couple of small items to make Linspire installations go more smoothly.

1.04 Ability to fix the start lba offset in a boot sector to help partitions boot properly.

Added warning not to update boot sectors for protection partitions.

Code for bootable CD-ROM tweaked for wider system support.


Backup and Restore now uses a file on a FAT formatted 1.44mb disk instead of the entire disk. PBM can also perform these 1.44mb disks: format, delete, rename, backup, and restore.

Custom MBRís can now be backed up and restored as well.

Disk Builder has been improved to automatically format the disk if necessary.

PBM Setupís loader has now been improved and will operate properly even in high capacity floppy drives such as 2.88mb or LS-120.

A bug with protection partitions when 4 active partitions were used has been corrected.

Users are no longer prompted to check for an extra cylinder.

1.02e Improvements have been made to the PBM code loader.

PBM will not ask the user to choose an active partition if one is not marked active.  This will make sure that any Custom MBR, Custom Ordering, and Included Partitions are processed for an operating system even if it is not marked active.

PBM Setup will now always display a list of partitions to make sure that what the user expects PBM to recognize for partitions are actually recognized properly. Disk translation software can relocate the traditional partition table and in this case PBM was not recognizing any partitions and installing over top of them by mistake.

An issue that caused the user to choose Accept twice when backing up to a diskette has now been corrected.

1.02d The way the extra disk cylinder is checked has changed to a prompt to make the software more compatible with all systems.

User interface problem corrected.

1.02c The encryption process has been enhanced to check its own integrity to ensure the encrypted data can be decrypted properly.

Initialize is now available in PBM Setup when a user does not login in case the administrator password was lost.

A problem that prevented PBM from exiting maintenance mode has been fixed.

User interface corrections.

An issue when using some CMD Technology controllers has now been corrected.

1.02b An issue when using some Promise ATA100 controllers has now been corrected.

Fixed a small user interface issue.

1.02a Support for special operating systems that require their custom MBR to actually be on disk has been added. This was done for supporting SCO Unix, but will work for any other operating systems that requires it. A warning has been added indicating when an os is booted with this option. The warning can be disabled in the miscellaneous options.

Option has been added to remove the logout option from being displayed in the main menu. It will still function even if not displayed.

Uninstall doesn't get the correct partition when earlier partitions were deleted and the user chose to keep all bug fixed.

Documentation has been merged into a single manual and sections added or SCO and generic operating system installation.

Some UI corrections have been made.

1.01r A bug in the mouse driver that would prevent the user from Starting PBM directly from the setup program has now been fixed.

1.01q Fixed a bug during partition change processing that could cause partition loss.

1.01p Fixed a serious bug that occurs in complex partition configurations that loses a boot sector.

1.01o Bug fixed in copy partition percent complete status.

Bug fixed that would start the menu timeout again if user chose cancel at the unprotected warning.

1.01n Partition copy feature has been added.

Partition changes can now be reviewed before accepting or cancelling them.

Added drive map to the partitions configure dialog.

Added drive map to the partitions configure dialog.

Added registration info to the about dialog.

The Unprotected Warning logic has been corrected to repair a bug that didn't always report the warning properly.

Vastly improved memory handling.

1.01m An issue with partition ordering has been corrected.

Other small improvements.

1.01k An issue when using HighPoint HPT370 UDMA/ATA100 RAID Controller has been corrected.

Other small improvements.

1.01i Bug fixed that would lose the included partitions when a partition was being modified using partition modification mode and NOT using a maintenance partition.

Users will still be allowed to boot a partition if their trial license has expire after waiting 30 minutes.

Main menu option renamed to Configure instead of Setup to avoid confusion between it and PBM Setup.

1.01h Linux installation instructions added to the Getting Started Manual.

Help Custom Partition Number has been improved to use freespace if necessary resulting in higher OS boot success.

Added support for detecting and installing NT4.0 FAT non service pack boot sector.

Extra warning added when a protection partition is deleted or modified.


Fixed a bug that would ignore the Speed Letter assigned when adding a new partition.

Added support for operating systems that create partitions with a Cylinder Head Sector type that alters the head and sector value as well when the cylinder is greater than 1023. This new type is called Maximum All and can be set in partition properties.


Manuals have been split up into a Getting Started Manual and an Advanced Manual.

Download distributions now include manuals as well.

Adjusted trial warning to being warning the user at the 15 day point, as well as displaying more warning about an expired trial.

Trial warning added to setup program about changing the system time.

PBM Setup Restore should include a warning that existing configuration and pbm version will be written over, restore should also copy the last partition table to the traditional partition table.

PBM Setup Initialize includes a stronger warning.


Support has been added to analyze and update these boot sectors.

This feature is available at Setup, Partitions, Choose a partition, Modify, Boot Sectors.

FAT (Dos 6.22)
FAT (Dos 6.22 Improved for 7.8 Gb boot support)
FAT (Windows 95 OSR1 and earlier)
FAT (Windows 95 OSR2 and later)
FAT (Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows ME)
FAT (Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000)
FAT (Windows XP)
FAT32 (Windows 95 OSR2 and later, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows ME)
FAT32 (Windows 2000)
FAT32 (Windows XP)
NTFS (Windows NT 4.0)
NTFS (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)



Custom MBR Dialog Bug Fixed.

Deleting an include partition now changes custom partition protection positions less for more compatibility.



Suggestion when partition changes are applied that the user should Setup and create an up to date backup disk.

Post installation warning added for installations with existing partitions.

Uninstallation warning added to recommend boot.ini for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP is set correctly before uninstalling.



PBM and PBM Setup are now smart enough to recognize when a bootable CD-ROM has been used and will correctly read/write backup disks to the floppy drive now.  PBM also disables bootable CD-ROM mode before loading operating systems.

Option in PBM to backup to diskette added in the setup menu.

Suggestion when partition changes are applied that they should go to configure and have an up to date backup disk.

1.01a Minor changes, version update necessary.









Extended partitions can now be booted. The MBR Type has now become Boot Type and includes support for Skip MBR which will boot the bootsector directly. In the case of an extended partition it will boot the boot sector of the first partition in the extended partition.

Linux support improved. Linux often puts its partitions in a Linux Extended partition and can load the boot loader in it as well. This is now automatically supported.

Stylish curved menu corners have been added. An option in Display Options can return to the regular square corners if preferred.

SpeedLetters look better on main menu.

Test feature in setup removed as it doesn't represent the actual environment in PBM. It is better to install PBM and test within it. If it doesn't work, PBM can be uninstalled.

After installation is complete in PBM Setup, it no longer automatically launches PBM. It returns to the PBM Setup main menu and defaults to the Start PBM Now option.




Much improved memory handling should make PBM more stable that previous versions.

Some help added to the PBM Setup program.

Problem with Promise Fasttrack RAID adapters has been resolved.




When switching a partition to a custom order, the default order listed is now sorted by partition position on disk.

Cosmetic improvements to some dialogs.

Error codes put in.









Help Custom Partition Number feature has been added.

Create Paritition Mouse Bugs Fixed

Partition Properties now displays the Start LBA, Sectors, Start CHS and End CHS.

Partition Properties now displays and allows the partition type to be changed.

Partition Properties now displays and allows the Custom MBR setting to be changed.

Two new options Partition Protection Mode and Unprotected Warning have been added to partition properties. 

(These can be set to Use Default which will use the global setting, or a specific setting for the specific partition.)

Modified Trial Expiration Warning for 10 days or less instead of just 5.

1.00s Setup didn't recognize newer style signatures..

1.00r Bootsectors have been improved for booting off of some older bios.

1.00q Bug in new code from 1.00p fixed.



Serious bug fixed in custom boot sector code.   UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION IMMEDIATELY.

Bug fixed in new partition with custom order.

1.00n Bug fix to work with some raid drives that do not end on an even cylinder.




Imported Partitions will default to be custom and load in the spot they were originally.

Help Custom Partition Number feature has been added.

Setup improved to test partitions before installing.



A warning for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP installations without a System Root of C: was added to PBM Setup.

General fixes.

1.00h During setup, if skipping the final setup screen within 1 second, the trial period could possibly expire too soon.

1.00g General fixes.

1.00f There has been a big improvement in the way that PBM handles partition table order.  You can now specify whether each partition should use a default partition order (partitions are sorted by location), or a custom order.   Should you need to specify a custom partition order you can now specify exactly where the main partition, include partitions, and any created protection partitions will be placed.  If you are upgrading from a previous installation, all your partitions will be left as "custom" for compatibility.  Many of these can be changed to Default.

When creating a new partition, the create unformatted partition option has now been added.

1.00e The partition erase feature has been added.

1.00d The unhide hidden partitions automatically feature has been added.

1.00c Diagnostics partition support has been improved.

The partition protection boot sector bug has been fixed.

1.00b Diagnostic partition support has been added.

Setup no longer prompts for password if the Administrator account is enabled, has setup access, and has no password.

FDISK warning added.

General fixes.

1.00a Initial release.

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