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Trial Version Limitations


Partition Boot Manager is based on a 30 day trial period.  The program is fully functional except that it is unable to restore a backed up configuration.  After 30 days the trial period will expire.  The user can contact us for a 30 day trial extension if they need more time to evaluate the product.  Once the trial has expired, users will have to either (1) Uninstall PBM and choose to keep up to 4 partitions (the maximum that will fit in the traditional partition table), or (2) Wait 30 minutes when their system restarts before being able to boot an operating system, or (3) purchase a license for PBM which is quick and simple to install without losing any of their settings.

Large Drive Tools is based on an evaluation version.  It never expires; however, its features are limited to allow the user to evaluate the product and see if it meets their requirements.  The scan and erase features will only scan or erase 10% of the drive; the scan all drives feature is disabled; the boot sector feature will not update boot sectors; the partition table editor will not write changes; the drive editor will not search or write changes; and copy sectors will show how it works but will not copy.  All other features work normally and can be very helpful to a user even if they choose to keep using LDT in evaluation mode.

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